Everything you see on this page was built visually in Webflow.

Now you can design interactions and animations for your website without writing a line of code. Learn More or Start Designing.

No Coding Required

simple & powerful tools


Comes with a range of triggers and effects to create limitless UX possibilities.


Animations that work beautifully on desktop and mobile devices.


Works on all modern browsers and degrades gracefully on the old ones.

No Coding

No more wrangling Javascript code libraries to accomplish simple interactions.

Some scroll-triggered interactions



Set Initial Appearance

Choose how your element will appear before the page loads. (Optional)

Initial appearance ui


Choose a Trigger

Decide what kind of event or action has to take place to initiate an animation.

trigger settings ui


Animation Steps

Combine CSS styles and transitions for an animation when the trigger is initiated.

Animation steps ui


Apply Globally

Select any element, go to the element settings and apply the interaction. 

interactions ui in settings panel
BTW, these are the actual settings for the scroll animation (desktop)

example 1  scroll in & Out

Scroll Up & Down to Preview Animation

This is a Cactus

According to Wikipedia, a cactus is a member of the plant family Cactaceae within the order Caryophyllales.


When a user scrolls down the page and this element comes into view, an animation is triggered. Then a different set of effects are triggered when the element is scrolled out of view.

Initial Appearance: 0% Opacity  Trigger: Scroll  Total Interactions: 1  

example 2  scroll affecting a different element

Scroll In and Out of this Section to Preview

See the monkey that appears at the bottom?


When an element is scrolled into view, an interaction can be applied to another element, or elements, by choosing a class. In this example the interaction is set on this section, so when it is scrolled into view the effects are applied to the Footer Flyout class . The initial appearance is set on the affected element via a different interaction, not on this section’s interaction. 

Initial Appearance: Display: none, Move down 120px  Trigger: Scroll  Total Interactions: 2

example 3  Click to show & hide content

Tap the button
Show & Hide text
Click this button already
Tap the button

Here is some hidden text.

Here is some more hidden text! More and more of it. I love hidden text. It’s so awesome. I wish there was a tree with hidden text growing on it. I’m not exactly sure how that would be possible, but I can dream!


Clicking on an element can affect another element on the page. In this example a click interaction is set on the blue button. Once it is clicked the effects are applied on the Hidden Text class. A different set of effects can be applied to Hidden Text class when the button is clicked a second time (toggle). In this case the height of the element goes back to 0. 

Initial Appearance: Display: None  Trigger: Click  Total Interactions: 1

example 4  Click to show sidebar

You know what to do
show sidebar
You know what to do
You know what to do

The click trigger can affect any element on your site. Here is an example of a click trigger on a button that affects the Sidebar class, which is a fixed on the right side of the page. A different interaction is set on a button inside the sidebar. Clicking on this button will transition the Sidebar element. The sidebar element has its own interaction with just an initial appearance.

Initial Appearance: Display: none, Move Right 305px  Trigger: Click  Total interactions: 3  

example 5  hover reveal interaction

Hover trigger may not be supported on all touch devices

Many devices will activate hover by using a tap event.

Hover over this pretty thing
Slave Ambient

The War on Drugs


Hovering over an element can trigger an interaction that can affect any element on the page. Also, more than one trigger can be added to the same interaction. In this example hovering over the Album Art element above will trigger an interaction that has 3 different hover triggers. Each hover trigger affects a different class. One trigger fades in the Action Icons, another fades in the pink Album Gradient, and another fades in the Album Info. Each has unique effects and transitions.

Initial Appearance: Opacity 0%  Trigger: Hover  TOTAL INTERACTIONS: 2  

...and those are just some examples we thought of.

Let’s see what unique interactions you build inside of Webflow.


Page Load

Interaction starts as soon as the page begins to load.


Triggered when your element scrolls into view.


Activates an interaction with a single or toggle click.


Mouse hover over an element. Degrades on touch devices. 

Slide Load

Initiates when new slide (from slider) comes into view. 

Active Scroll Coming Later

Increments an effect as a user scrolls (like parallax).

Custom Trigger Coming Later

Specify any type of event as a trigger for your interactions.



Move, rotate, and scale your element or selector.


Make an element or selector more transparent or opaque. 

Width & Height

Change the dimensions of the current or target element.

Display Property

Switch your element's display to block, inline-block or inline.


Add delays and alter durations of individual animation steps.


Add unique transitions at any step of your interaction.


Make your animation steps repeat until the end of time.

Add/Remove Classes Coming Later

Change the whole look and feel with any trigger.

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